015 – OUT

Released Jan 26, 2017

Hello you lot and welcome to episode fifteen of Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast. On this show we watch three films linked by a word in the title.

The Triple Bill Title Word for Episode 015 is OUT and we scratched our heads at the 1997 “coming out” comedy In and Out, watched Christian Bale exact a slow-paced revenge in Out of the Furnace and sat through our first animated feature with Pixar’s emotional journey Inside Out (2015).

0:57 – Ben and Daryl’s catch up (Patriots Day, Bates Motel, La La Land, Silence, Moonlight, 13th, Amanda Knox, Assassin’s Creed, Video Game Movies, The Terminator Franchise)

17:38 – In and Out

45:48 – Out of the Furnace

1:10:15 – Inside Out

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Episode 016 – PARTY launches on 9th February and we’ll be covering House Party (1990), Murder Party (2007) and Sausage Party (2016).

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