005 – Zero


005 – Zero

Hello you lot and welcome to episode five of Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast. On this show we watch three films linked by a word in the title. We discuss, rant, spoil and take the mickey out of these movies and hope you find some enjoyment in our ramblings.

The Triple Bill Title Word for Episode 005 is ZERO and for this episode we dealt with Hammer’s groovy moon based western Moon Zero Two (1969), the Bret Easton Ellis adaptation Less Than Zero (1987) and the political action thriller Zero Dark Thirty (2012).

WARNING: This episode is fully loaded with ‘F-Bombs”… but mostly in the final third.

0:58 – Moon Zero Two

38:09 – Less Than Zero

1:08:42 – Zero Dark Thirty

Episode 006 launches on Thursday 22nd September. Please rate and review us over on iTunes. Spread the word, share the wealth, multiply the love, live long, and prosper. Got ant comments or suggestions on new episodes? Email: sddpod@gmail.com. Alternatively you can find us on Twitter and Facebook @ sddfilmpodcast.

Shout outs to Onion Man for the them music, our good friend Mike for the logo and to all you lot for listening!


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