003 – Fever


003 – Fever

Hello you lot and welcome to Episode 003 of Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast. On this show we watch three films linked by a word in the title. We talk about those films, spoil the plot, misremember the facts and try and find links between the three movies.

The Triple Bill Title Word for Episode 003 is FEVER and this time around we caught up with the cinematic classic disco drama Saturday Night Fever (1977), the romantic comedy/ book adaptation Fever Pitch (1997) and the remake of Eli Roth’s gory horror Cabin Fever (2016).

WARNING: This episode is fully loaded of “F-Bombs”. You may even hear the “C Word” used but only in the context of a movie we’re discussing. 0:57 – Saturday Night Fever (8 really bad swears) 32:19 – Fever Pitch (3 really bad swears) 56:15 – Cabin Fever (12 really bad swears)


003 – Fever

Episode 004 launches on 25th August. We’d really appreciate it if you rate and review us over on iTunes. Tell your friends about us… tell your enemies… tell the voices in your head, if they’re not already listening.

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